Once upon time there was a person. He made an about me story with a twist…


Jokes aside…


Hi! My name is Erick. I’m 24. I was born October 19, formally making me a Libra. It’s pretty accurate as I always have a balance in my life. I understand not everything will be positive but it’s what we make of each life situation that matters.

I used to really hate myself and the world. I put others before myself. Not saying that it’s bad but it became negative. Overtime, I learned to love myself. I read books that taught me I can’t help others unless I help myself. The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle also changed my view on how I live my life, in the moment and for the future. The past can be learned and accepted from but never should be dwindled in. Same with the future, if we’re looking too much forward, we’ll trip too much. Thus, living in the moment is all we’ll ever have.

In truth, I enjoy my life. I love everything about this world. I live off people and interacting with strangers. I’ve been saying lately that I love customer service. My view of it has changed thanks to the influences of Automattic and the book Delivering Happines by Tony Hsieh. Before these two factors, I always enjoyed talking to and helping people. Working at Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks showed me that human interaction, even through coffee selling, is important for lasting happiness and connection.

I’m currently working in NYC and pursuing the passion of becoming a Happiness Engineer! Follow my journey if you’d like!

This about me poem is inspired by the poem “My Honest Poem” by Rudy Francisco. I revamped it into my life. Some of it is kept the same as I relate to it.

My Honest Poem

I was born on October 19, I hear that makes me a Libra
I guess that means I can balance on one foot well
I’m 5 foot 3… and a half. I weigh a hundred and thirty pounds
I don’t know how to whistle, and I’m a sucker for a girl with a nice smile and crazy hair

I’m still learning how to live.
I’m often boring in places where I should be alive
I’m often alive in places where I should be boring
I was born head first and I’ve been jumping ever since

I like mangoes… a lot
I’ve been told I give really bad excuses
People say that it sounds like I’m trying to hide
Sometimes it’s because I am, and secretly I get really worried
Every time someone gets close enough to knowing me

I have this odd fascination with things like clouds and skyscrapers
I assume it’s because I usually find myself dedicating time to things
That I can never reach
That’s also why I tend to fall in love with goals
Set too high for me
I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually much easier than it seems
And to be honest, I think it’s safer that way
See goals, they often remind me that I’m not scared of heights or falling
But I’m scared of what’s gonna happen
The moment my body hits the ground

I’m stubborn. Yesterday, I tripped over my self-confidence
I landed on my drive and it stopped like a Tesla at a four-way intersection
Now I can’t even tell who’s trying to give me a chance

I’ve never been in the military, but I have this Purple Heart
I got it from killing myself trying to accomplish goals
I know it sounds weird but sometimes,
I wonder what my pillows say about me when I’m not around
I wonder what my chair would do if it found out
About all the things I haven’t actually done on it
I’ve got a hamper that’s overflowing with really, really loud mistakes
And a graveyard in my closet, I’m afraid that if I let you see my skeletons
You’ll grind my bones into powder and get high on my fault lines

Hi, my name is Erick.
I enjoy french fries, people watching
And smiling for absolutely no reason at all
But I don’t allow myself to cry as often as I need to
I have solar-powered motivation, I have a battery-operated mind
My hobbies include editing my life story, hiding behind my smile
And trying to convince my shadow that I’m someone worth following

I don’t know much, but I do know this

I know that heaven is full of music
I know God listens to my heart beat on his iPod
It reminds him that we still got work to do

Thank You